What is CRM?

A CRM is a database that manages customer relationships, along with the data associated with them, including behaviors, purchases, activity, customer service history, and more. CRMs go way beyond storing contact information and act more like a record from the start of the relationship with the client to the current stage of the relationship.

The idea behind CRM technology is to dig deep into your customer base. Knowing the who, the how, the what, and the why will help you forecast their needs and be able to deliver solutions quickly through marketing automation. When the customers put first, they get the best experience which means they’ll keep coming back.

This brand loyalty leads to those important repeat customers who then tell their friends in the parking lot at school and post about it on social media. Now your customers are doing your marketing for you. Brilliant!

CRM software can take house data from various departments of your business and provide you with one place to house everything. For example,

1. Marketers use CRMs to nurture leads and turn them into qualified prospects

2. Sales reps use CRMs to find potential customers from their database, manage deals and track how close they are to closing them in real-time

3. Customer support teams use CRMs to track customer service history in one location so they don’t have to pull in data from multiple tools

4. Loyalty teams use CRMs to improve customer retention and measure customer satisfaction

There are various types of CRMs available. From CRMs for small businesses, on-premise CRMs, cloud CRMs, and more, you can easily find a CRM that’s a fit for you.

Source: https://manychat.com