Time Blocking

Time is the biggest asset of all, and People can’t have more than 24 hours a day even though they are able to buy it from others.

As entrepreneurship journey we may wear many hats, which can lead to many minor tasks and errands that take up most of the day. Without compartmentalizing time, those simple tasks get sporadic, build-up, become disorganized, and ultimately very little gets done. Think of all the drafted emails that never got sent because you answered a text. Think of all the unanswered texts because your partner needed help with something. Think of all the broken promises because your client asks why the email wasn’t sent. The vicious time vortex goes on and on.

Time mapping is the solution. This technique allows entrepreneurs to enjoy balance and the necessities in their life while helping ensure that the majority of the day is dedicated to their work.
Time mapping gives you a 30,000-foot view of where your time is actually going.

To time map correctly, create a spreadsheet of your day broken down into 15-minute intervals, and spend 30 minutes in the morning mapping out your day. Then spend the remainder executing on it—color coordinate different types of tasks like work, relationships, essentials, personal, etc.

Today there are lots of apps able to bring the idea of time blocking to live. you can choose the one that will help you supercharge your productivity.

1. Planyway
2. Plan
3. Sunsama

By Beza Solomon
July 30, 2022

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