Lack of Knowledge

As far as the amount of knowledge is concerned, each person has a pair of eyes and a pair of ears, and there are only twenty-four hours a day, and the amount of knowledge that can be contacted and grasped is limited. There are about a thousand books published in the world in one day. The scope of knowledge is larger than that of books, and a lot of knowledge is not in books. In terms of books, it is very difficult for a person to read one book a day. Even if he can read one book a day, he can only read one-thousandth of the books published in a day, trying to read all the remaining is just absolutely impossible. Books in foreign languages ​​have text barriers and it is impossible to read them all. In other words, the knowledge we have is probably a lot less than the magnanimous expanse of all human knowledge, which is the fate of modern people.

Among this limited knowledge, we will definitely have professional knowledge, because earning a living requires professional knowledge, and most of what we teach and learn in school is professional knowledge. In addition to expertise, we also need other knowledge, such as nutrition knowledge, medical knowledge, financial literacy, marriage, family, social and moral know-how knowledge. The strange thing is that this important knowledge, the knowledge that needs to be used in life, is not taught in schools, and most people lack this important knowledge.

In addition, the reason for the lack of knowledge is that the nation’s education system does not focus on complete learning. Since high school, it has been divided into subjects. Those in the science group have no chance or pay no attention to the humanities and arts; those in the social group have no chance or pay no attention to the natural sciences. At the university, the division of subjects is more obvious, and there is almost no horizontal communication between departments. Except for general education classes, students rarely have the opportunity to be exposed to knowledge of other subjects, so they do not understand or despise the knowledge of other subjects.

The social atmosphere does not encourage the possession of complete knowledge. It is believed that as long as one has the professional knowledge, is competent for the job, and earns a living, it is enough. As for whether there should be spiritual and metaphysical activities of learning after filling the predefined and whether to enrich other knowledge, is not discussed in the modern division of society. Under this ethos, ordinary people in society only pay attention to professional knowledge and neglect other knowledge. Many people’s knowledge of the field is extremely narrow. Except for professional books, they have no interest in reading other books. They are seriously partial to knowledge and become knowledge workers.


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